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CD: MDG 311 0613

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1783)
Six Quintets for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola and B. c..

No. 1 C major / C-Dur
No. 2 G major / G-Dur
No. 3 F major / F-Dur
No. 4 E flat major / Es-Dur
No. 5 A major / A-Dur
No. 6 D major / D-Dur

Camerata of the 18th Century
Konrad Hünteler

Aus der Londoner Zeit stammen die Sechs Quintette op. 11, die Hünteler und die Camerata des 18. Jahrhunderts hier vorlegen. Sie sind das kammermusikalische Hauptwerk des Londoner Bach. „Musikalisch ungemein lebendig ... begeisternde Interpretation.” (FonoForum)

„The first complete recording of Johann Christian Bach’s finest set of chamber works is long overdue...The multifaceted aspects of the quintets are fully realized in these outstanding performances...beautifully balanced...I confidently expect an appearance on my Want List at the end of the year.“ (Fanfare)