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CD: MDG 303 0419-2 (2CDs)

Joseph Rheinberger (1839-1901)
Complete Piano Trios

No. 1 D minor / d-Moll op. 34
No. 2 A major / A-Dur op. 112
No. 3 B flat major / B-Dur op. 121
No. 4 F major / F-Dur op. 191

Trio Parnassus

„All das bei sauberer Intonation und mit virtuoser Souveränität. Für Freunde spätromantischer Kammermusik eine Entdeckung.” (FonoForum)

”A world-class Trio. They play with superb unanimity of ensemble and consummate polish. There is an abundance of youthful verve, too, well tempered by painstaking attention to dynamics and tempo markings and keen sensitivity to the changing moods of this music. At the piano, Chia Chou is brilliant and stylish but never obtrusive while Streicher´s violin playing is wonderfully in tune and very musical, glowing with warmth of tone. The music is utterly captivating.” (American Record Guide)