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CD: MDG 303 0373-2

Awards / Auszeichnungen

9 de Repertoire

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Complete Piano Trios

Trio B flat major / B-Dur KV 502
Trio E major / E-Dur KV 542
Trio G major / G-Dur KV 496
Divertimento B flat major / B-Dur KV 254
Trio C major / C-Dur KV 548
Trio G major / G-Dur KV 564
Trio Movements D minor / d-Moll, G major / G-Dur, D major / D-Dur KV 442

Trio Parnassus

„Das Trio Parnassus geht die Trios mit Verve und delikatem Klangsinn an ... Sie finden so zu einer Synthese, die für diese Werke geradezu ideal erscheint ... derzeit die erste Wahl.” (FonoForum)

”... you won’t do better than the Trio Parnassus. Their readings strike me as fresher, more observant and more imaginative than any of other traditional performances. Their judgement of tempo is virtually ideal; and with their athletic, springing rhythms, their crisp articulation and their avoidance of excessive vibrato. They´re also beautifully recorded and balanced, with a nice sense of space around the players.” (BBC Radio3: building a library)