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last updated: 04/04/2018



Acclaimed mezzo-soprano Mary-Ellen Nesi presents thirteen arias – most of them recorded here for the first time – inspired by ten Greek female archetypes.

Mary-Ellen Nesi, mezzo-soprano
Armonia Atenea
George Petrou, conductor

MDG 909 2064-6


Powerful female characters and a woman's powerful voice: MDG listeners are familiar with Mary-Ellen Nesi from several outstanding Handel recordings. In her most recent recital the acclaimed mezzo-soprano turns to dramatic roles from Baroque and classical operas. The selection on this Super Audio CD is compelling: supported by the musicians of Armonia Atenea under the conductor George Petrou, Nesi lends complex female characters a deep intensity of irresistible audience appeal from the first note straight through to the very end.

Musica Baltica 4

Johann Jeremias du Grain (17??-1756)


Goldberg Vocal Ensemble
Goldberg Baroque Ensemble
Andrzej Szadejko, conductor

MDG 902 2060-6



Johann Jeremias Du Grain was on familiar terms with the musical greats of his era. He learned the musical trade from Telemann, who was already famous at the time, and he assisted the very busy Handel with the composition of a festive cantata for the five hundredth anniversary of Elbing, his chosen place of residence. One hears traces of these illustrious surroundings in Du Grain's own cantatas, which Andrzej Szadejko and the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble are now presenting for the first time on this audiophile multichannel release in the Musica Baltica series.

An-lun Huang (*1949)

Piano Trios

Bin Huang, violin
Alexander Suleiman, violoncello
Yubo Zhou, piano

MDG 903 2065-6



Who's afraid of big emotions? An-lun Huang's piano trios dazzlingly demonstrate that contemporary music in no way has to be accessible only to a sworn community of experts. With his skill this Chinese-Canadian composer combines the best traditions from several world regions to produce a euphonious and harmonious whole - and does so with great class. The premiere ensemble for the Trio No. 2 from 2015 lends this first recording a special measure of authenticity.

W. A. Mozart

Complete String Quartets (No. 1-23)

Leipziger Streichquartett

MDG 307 2066-2


Only ten of Mozart's twenty-three string quartets have found their way into the standard concert repertoire. The Leipzig String Quartet once again has performed a meritorious service, this time by showing that besides the famous "Dissonance" and "Hunt" quartets the thirteen quartets from the genial composer's youth absolutely deserve their place on the concert stage. The ensemble's highly acclaimed recording is now available in a special edition with eight CDs also including the ten "great quartets" - a release guaranteed to win the hearts of collectors and all interested listeners.