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Jean Françaix (1912-1997)

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962)

Paul Taffanel (1844-1908)


Wind Quintets



Syrinx Quintet



 MDG 102 2316-2


Price: 21,99 €


Available from 26th April


The legendary Syrinx Quintet performs wind quintets by Françaix, Hindemith, Ibert and Taffanel on this critically acclaimed recording. The individual instruments merge with a rarely heard homogeneity to create an ensemble sound that is unrivalled.



When the composer Jean Françaix heard this recording he congratulated them with a handwritten letter: "The recording of my quintet is excellent. In a way, you have captured my musical thoughts exactly in photographic form: There can be no greater compliment from an author.  Not to mention your technique, which is marvellous."


A speciality of the Syrinx Quintet was their absolute fusion of sounds and extreme virtuosity. In the final movement of the Françaix quintet it is almost impossible to discern whether the clarinet or the flute is leading the virtuoso alternation of the ornaments. Similarly, the horn and bassoon sometimes form an almost indistinguishable tonal unity.


The clear, undisguised MDG original recording technique focusses on the essentials: precise depth gradation, original dynamics, and natural tone colours, allowing the artistic interpretation to achieve the greatest possible naturalness and vividness. MDG has maintained this distinction of quality for over 40 years.



"can hardly be surpassed in terms of performance, tonal homogeneity and inspired musicality" (FonoForum)


"…a lot of panache" (FAZ)


"This is the best wind quintet disc I have heard in recent years ... tricky passages are tackled with real fervour and mastered so confidently that it’s a real (listening) pleasure." (HiFiStereophonie)


"The excellent Syrinx musicians are in outstanding performing form" (DW)

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