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Spiritoso  Audiophile Sounds For Classical Connoisseurs   MDG 906 2296-6 (SACD)


Audiophile Sounds


Classical Connoisseurs

MDG 906 2296-6


Price: 49,99 €



Spiritoso – Italian for spirited, humorous, witty - is the latest title in MDG’s Classical References series. Bursting with 25 sonic surprises from theatres, concert halls, cathedrals and salons on high-resolution Super Audio CD, it includes an additional CD as well as an informative booklet. The sheer overwhelming original ambient sound created by MDG’s three-dimensional 2+2+2 recording technology is legendary amongst hi-fi enthusiasts, audiophile connoisseurs and classical music fans.



Every piece is carefully selected and musically of the finest quality, as the critics unanimously confirm: "Facets in Schumann's music that one had not even imagined before" (pizzicato), Mozart's arias are "fantastically beautiful and heartfelt" (Opernglas), and "gripping interpretations from the first to the last note" (FonoForum) delight the reviewers. Amongst the seemingly familiar are also revelations to discover; magnificent large-scale masterpieces as well as intimate solo pieces in refined interplay.


The 2+2+2 recording consists of three stereophonic channels which provide a three-dimensional sonic image of the musicians in the recording space. As this is exactly how the human ear interprets sound, the natural acoustic is preserved and a concert hall performance can be realistically recreated for the listener at home. It can be played back in stereo, surround or multi-channel and there is even a special track for identifying the playback channels. For those who really want to put their system through its paces, we recommend "one of the hardest-hitting drum beats [...] ever recorded" (pizzicato).



Back in 2001, MDG was one of the first companies with the vision to create a three-dimensional future of music and with the unshakeable confidence in the added musical value of the immersive sound experience. Almost a quarter of a century later, 3D is on everyone's lips and today MDG is internationally recognised as a benchmark of the highest quality and competence in the field of classical music.

"Auf eine ganz besondere Klangreise lädt diese musikalische Zusammenstellung ein: da fällt die Wahl schwer, welches Instrument am schönsten eingefangen ist: Das fantastisch klingende Cello? Oder die Orgeln im Hamburger Michel mit perfektem Raumklang? Musikalische Einblicke gibt es ebenfalls reichlich: Wie anders, frisch und farbenreich mutet Brahms auf einem zeitgenössischen Flügel an – gerade im Vergleich zum ganz anders hervorragend tönenden Steinway-Flügel von 1901! Es gibt mit Luise Adolpha Le Beau (1852-1921) eine interessante Komponistin zu entdecken. Und natürlich sind lauter exzellente Musiker am Werke. Wer hat, kann damit auch seine Mehrkanal-Anlage (auch 2+2+2-Verfahren) testen, aber schon in Stereo klingt alles herausragend."
Klassik Festival

Spiritoso  Audiophile Sounds For Classical Connoisseurs   MDG 906 2296-6 (SACD)

Special edition:

ERSTE MDG AUFNAHME:  ​  Gioacchino Rossini  (1792–1868)  ​  Petite Messe solennelle  ​     Gerda Hagner, Gabriele Schnaut     Aldo Baldin, Karl Fäth  Bachchor Gütersloh   Hermann Kreutz, Leitung   MDG 102 0003-2  (Doppel-CD)
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