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Sor Bungarten
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Les Adieux

Fernando Sor
(1778 – 1839) 

Frank Bungarten, guitar

MDG 905 2282‐6


Price: 21,99  €


Fernando Sor has perfected the art of poetic guitar music like no other. With “ Les Adieux“, Frank Bungarten presents another selection of his favourites from the Catalan master's extensive oeuvre. It is precisely in these short form pieces that a whole cosmos of tonal colours reveals itself, which comes as a wonderful surprise from such a humble instrument as the guitar.


Dispensing with superficial virtuosity, the short pieces are nevertheless quite demanding for the performer. It takes a maestro like Frank Bungarten to make Sor's melodies shine by bringing out the subtle refinements of his voice leading and by creating lithe elegance in the dance-like movements.


There are, however, also large-scale works by Sor. Where other composer-performers enthrall audiences with virtuosic chordal feats, Sor has written complex sonata movements. Extensive variation cycles, such as "Le Calme", go to the limits of what is playable and vast fantasies go beyond the scope of what is generally customary on the guitar. These formats still dominate concert stages today.



During his lifetime, Sor was denied his longed-for recognition as an opera composer and his critics were always louder than his admirers. Frank Bungarten's interpretations redeem Sor's rightful place in repertoire for the guitar. Insightful, tonally sensitive and authentically interpreted, these carefully selected jewels produced in the finest Super Audio CD technology are as alluring as they are enchanting – simply unforgettable for music lovers!


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