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Domenico Scarlatti

(1685 - 1757)

…ma cantabile
Selected Sonatas

Tatjana Vorobjova,

MDG 921 2252-6 (Hybrid-SACD)

Price: 21,99 €


Domenico Scarlatti did not find his destiny until he was over 40. In his younger years, he was overshadowed as a composer by his famous father, but then his meeting with the Infanta Maria Barbara brought about a turning point. He became the piano teacher of the talented Portuguese princess and followed his pupil to the Spanish court after her marriage. Here, in relative seclusion, he wrote those more than 550 harpsichord sonatas that today constitute Scarlatti's worldwide fame. Tatjana Vorobjova has compiled a very personal collection from this extensive fund, which brings the cantabile side of the keyboard virtuoso to the fore.

Secret compartment
At first glance, Scarlatti's sonatas usually follow a clear two-part form. What emerges, however, is full of surprises. One thinks to hear castanets, guitar sounds suddenly spread Spanish flair, a longing aria is intoned... Maria Barbara must have enjoyed these practice pieces: How cleverly Scarlatti always hides the pedagogical intention in gorgeous music!

Harmonic boundaries are also stretched to far beyond what was usual at that time. The Sonata K 132, for example, is characterized by constant changes from major to minor. Excessive chords,and dissonances borrowed from Spanish guitar music lead into completely new sound worlds. It is interesting to note how much the princess and later queen appreciated her piano teacher: Scarlatti had to be present on each of her numerous journeys, harpsichord transport on
mules included...

Talent scout
But she also had to have been extraordinarily gifted. Scarlatti's sonatas are often highly virtuosic or present difficulties that only become apparent when played. For Tatjana Vorobjova this is of course no problem. And how the Latvian harpsichordist makes her instrument sing with Scarlatti's music is fascinating. Produced in finely tuned super audio CD technology, this new
release rewards close listening with a flood of audio impressions.

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