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Gioacchino Rossini


Petite Messe solennelle

Gerda Hagner, Gabriele Schnaut

Aldo Baldin, Karl Faeth

Bachchor Guetersloh

 Hermann Kreutz, Conductor

MDG 102 0003-2 (Double-CD)

Price: 24,99 €


With "Preziosa", MDG opens its treasure chest of fine musical gems that adorn the career of the audiophile label like a string of pearls. To start with, there is Gioacchino Rossini's "Petite Messe solennelle", the first MDG recording ever and until now not available on CD. The live recording from 1976 makes it clear: uncompromising quality, both musically and sonically, has been MDG's trademark from the very beginning.

As little technique as possible, as much as necessary: MDG's sound concept puts the music absolutely in the foreground. Only a handful of microphones were used in this production, which found a larger, enthusiastic audience rather by chance as an LP. The trade press was unanimous: "the favourite record... - outstanding spatiality..." (stereoplay), "musically as well as performance-wise a top-quality event" (FonoForum) and awarded top ratings.

This is certainly due in particular to the gripping and at the same time inspired performance of the Bachchor Gütersloh, which Hermann Kreutz had formed over decades into a top ensemble with supra-regional charisma. Together with the four soloists and the distinctive instrumental instrumentation of two pianos and harmonium, Rossini's incomparable melodic arcs blossomed in a way rarely experienced.



The lovingly remastered edition is enriched by entertaining stories that producer Werner Dabringhaus inimitably knows how to tell about the musical gems. Thus - not least as a reverence to his partner Reimund Grimm, who was suddenly torn from life a few years ago - a wonderful piece of the history of music recording comes to life in an enjoyable way.

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