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Mieczysław Weinberg Piano Works 1951 - 1956    Stefan Irmer, Piano Steinway D “Manfred Bürki” 1901 MDG 918 2283-6  SACD Super Audio CD Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm

Mieczysław Weinberg



Piano Works

1951 - 1956


 Stefan Irmer, Piano

Steinway D “Manfred Bürki” 1901



MDG 918 2283-6


Price: 21,99 €



Mieczysław Weinberg's fate is exemplary for Jewish artists of his generation: the only one of his family to narrowly escape the Holocaust, he also faced anti-Semitic hostility in the Stalinist Soviet Union. No wonder that such existential experiences are reflected in his music, which to this day has been denied the recognition it deserves. Stefan Irmer goes in search of traces and presents Weinberg's demanding piano music as an intense, immediately touching experience.



This is particularly noticeable in the Partita op. 54: the most delicate sounds are suddenly juxtaposed with brute eruptions - a reflex to the imprisonment just survived during the last wave of Stalinist purges? The human borderline experience is followed by the musical one: almost unplayable for long stretches, the ten-part work challenges player, instrument and listener alike - and fascinates immensely.


Weinberg's relationship to the Soviet Union was ambivalent: on the one hand, he owed his survival during the National Socialist era to the state, but on the other hand, this state also put its artists on a short leash. More than almost any other composer, Weinberg succeeded in outwardly fulfilling the socialist guidelines while developing a very individual, personal style out of tonality and avant-garde, Jewish tradition and light muse.



A fine melancholy often pervades Weinberg's music, for example in the Sonata No. 4, which was premiered in its symphonic dimensions by Emil Gilels, or in the compelling Passacaglia of the 5th Sonata. Under Stefan Irmer's hands on MDG's magnificent Steinway concert grand "Manfred Bürki", Weinberg's music emerges grandiose and new - a long overdue rehabilitation of a great composer!


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