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Johann Nepomuk Hummel

(1778 - 1837)


Complete Piano Trios


Trio Parnassus



MDG 102 2327-2



Price: 29,99 €



This highly acclaimed debut recording by Trio Parnassus caused a sensation when it was first released: "… a real eye-opener. …some of Hummel's most rewarding music in performances that cannot be improved upon." ( "Trio Parnassus play throughout with consistent zest and spontaneity." (Penguin Guide) "fresh and immediate." (Gramophone)



Hummel's trios are already breathtakingly virtuosic, yet Trio Parnassus take the tempi up a notch, especially in the final movements. “Die Hummelschen Hummelflüge sind eben schneller als Hummeln...!” (Hummel’s flights of the bumble-bee are faster than bumble-bees!)

Available from
                    7th June



In contrast to the only slightly older Beethoven, Hummel has an almost inexhaustible wealth of melodic invention. He makes ample use of this in his trios, allowing the strings to fully develop their vocal qualities alongside pianistic brilliance.



Hummel was greatly admired by his contemporaries: "It would be desirable for Mr H. to delight us more often with compositions of this kind", wrote one critic from the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung in 1812. The critics of today are just as full of praise: "With advocacy this potent, Hummel’s trios should collect many new admirers, not to mention supporters." (Fanfare)

"A refreshing addition to the repertoire… the charm of the music is savoured with brilliance and joy of playing, but also with careful attention to detail and colourful refinement. Who can resist that?" (Stereoplay)

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