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Available from 8th March

Joseph Haydn


Op. 1, 1 (Hob. III: 1) B-flat Major
Op. 1, 2 (Hob. III: 2) E-flat Major
Op. 1, 3 (Hob. III: 3) D Major
Op. 1, 4 (Hob. III: 4) G Major
Op. 1, 0 (Hob. II: 6) E-flat Major
Op. 1, 6 (Hob. III: 6) C Major

Leipzig String Quartet

MDG 307 2312-2 

Double CD

Price: 24,99 €


Back to the roots

Joseph Haydn's Op. 1 heralded the birth of a new genre. These six early works by the young composer, famed for his mischievous humour, delight and fascinate with their freshness and exuberance, quirky, irregular phrase-lengths and unexpected pauses. Thanks to the gripping performance by the highly acclaimed Leipzig String Quartet, this recording makes for highly pleasurable listening.



Baron Fürnberg had invited the 20-something Haydn to write music for occasional “little performances” at his residence. The three other string players included the composer Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, who would go on to teach a certain Ludwig van. Haydn drew on various traditions, combining the serenade, divertimenti and string trios to create a new form that was to become an unprecedented success story.


First violinist Stefan Arzberger is able to demonstrate his outstanding qualities particularly in the slow movements with their sweeping melodic arcs. The other three instruments are by no means limited to mere accompaniment. With their differentiated playing, they form the framework of the movement or comment on it with surprising interjections - real chamber music at the highest level.


The Leipzig Quartet has become one of the most sought-after and versatile ensembles of this genre in the 35 years of its existence. To date, the ensemble has released over 100 recordings which are celebrated by international critics and they have received numerous international honors and awards. They are regularly invited to perform at renowned festivals world-wide and continue to have an active concert schedule.

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