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The new volume of the Leipzig String Quartet's Haydn Edition has a surprise in store right at the beginning: One of the few works in a minor key opens the round of these three quartets from op. 9. And the expressive interpretation of the ensemble, schooled in historical styles, once again guarantees an hour of exciting listening pleasure in Volume 15.

With op. 9, Haydn emancipates himself from traditional conventions. The individual voices become increasingly important, and even if the first violin repeatedly takes the unchallenged leading role, there are many flashes of polyphonic motif processing, and the low strings comment on and imitate each other to such delight.

Joseph Haydn

String Quartets Vol. 15

op. 9 Nr. 4 - 6


Leipziger Streichquartett

MDG 307 2260-2

Price: 21,99  €


Haydn is on a quest. The "classical" sonata form is not yet established; instead, drama and expression determine the action. The D minor quartet in particular captivates with compelling expressivity, giving the primarius room for rousing shaping, especially in the slow movement. The Quartet in B flat major, in turn, begins with an extended set of variations that provides essential tasks for the second violin and cello along the way.


That there is no time for boredom with Haydn has been amply demonstrated by the Leipzig String Quartet. The current recording shows that even the early works can stand on their own alongside the incomparably more famous late quartets. As individual as the pieces themselves, as unique is the performance of the  Leipzig String Quartet: Haydn to fall in love with!

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