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                   24th May


Johann Sebastian Bach
(1685 – 1750)
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Friedrich Kuhlau


for Bassoon Solo

Céleste-Marie Roy, bassoon


MDG 903 2323-6


Price: 21,99 €



The Swiss-Franco-American virtuoso, Céleste-Marie Roy, elevates the sonorous splendour of the bassoon to vibrant new heights, dispelling many a preconception about her instrument. Roy‘s flexible tone, technical finesse and striking interpretation ensure this solo programme in high-resolution 3D reproduction is a dynamic listening experience!



The works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Friedrich Kuhlau are ideally suited for the bassoon by their range and style though originally composed for the flute. Roy draws on her experience as an expert baroque bassoonist so that these works resonate sonorously on the modern instrument with a deliciously light playing style.


Bach's Partita was rediscovered on the back of another manuscript 200 years after it was written. It was composed during his creative Cöthen years where he had an ensemble of virtuoso musicians at his disposal whose sole task was to perform for the prince’s pleasure. The rapid figures and melodic richness call for such astonishing dexterity and breath control that musicologists have speculated the work had originally been composed for a string or keyboard instrument. Roy’s great virtuosity surpasses all technical demands.


Friedrich Kuhlau was a prolific composer with a legacy of over 200 works despite all his unpublished manuscripts being destroyed in a house fire. Beethoven, whom he met at a party in Vienna in 1825, held him in high esteem and even composed a jocular canon in his honour, “Kühl, nicht lau“, WoO91. Variations on operatic themes were highly prized at the time and popular at Hausmusik concerts. Kuhlau’s Fantasies begin with variations on two arias from Mozart’s Don Giovanni and conclude with a canzonetta by Francesco Bianchi.

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