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Available from 26th April


Peter Leipold


The Little Prince Meets You


Ensemble VIDA:

Claudia Meures, saxophone
Daniel Abrunhosa, violin
Marcus Sundermeyer, cello
Peter Leipold, piano
Jana Kühn, voice


MDG 603 2326-2


Price: 21,99 €



Not only for the young but also for the young at heart, "The Little Prince Meets You" is a music theatre piece for chamber ensemble and narrator based on the timeless tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The author’s experiences as a pilot led him to inspire others with descriptions of his fascination with flying and the vastness of the world. His world-famous story, "Le Petit Prince", still touches readers to this day, encouraging people to ponder the meaning of life, and values such as love, humanity, love of nature, peace and the importance of friendship.


Through the interplay of original compositions and spoken word, we are plunged into a world in which the little prince, who left his own planet in order to discover ours, meets the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Songs, prose and original letters merge reality with fiction, adding new impressions and associations while philosophical questions are posed, inviting listeners to reflect. These aspects all contribute to creating an intimate landscape of ideas, new perspectives and attitudes to what is going on in the world right now.


"The Little Prince meets YOU" is Ensemble VIDA’s debut recording. Their unique combination of saxophone, violin, cello, piano and voice creates a multifaceted, very rounded sound. The composer, Peter Leipold, is the pianist of the ensemble which enabled him to help shape the musical ideas and interpretation in a lively, shared process.


"The story moves me in a very personal way because I feel it poses direct questions to me… because it often makes me reflect on myself and because it creates a world of dreams. And that is the point at which it begins directly to inspire me as a composer. The many wonderful images in the narrative seem to weave a melody when I read it." (Peter Leipold)

(Narrated in German language)

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