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Ludwig van Beethoven

(1770 - 1827)


Piano Sonatas

Volume 1


Jin Ju

Concert Grand Piano Steinway D

“Manfred Bürki” 1901


MDG 947 2274-6 

Price: 21,99 €


Full House

Among the currently popular pianists, there is probably no one who is as flexible and versatile as Jin Ju; her concert in the Vatican in front of Pope Benedict and an audience of 5,000, in which she played music from three centuries on seven (!) different historical pianos, is almost legendary. Now the Chinese artist has taken on Beethoven's cosmos of the last three piano sonatas and, of course, chosen a special instrument for it: the Steinway concert grand "Manfred Bürki" from 1901, whose glow of color is particularly advantageous under her hands.


Grand Slam

The sonatas op. 109, 110 and 111 are closely interwoven, themes and motives of the three works refer to each other, and cross connections can be detected again and again. It is no coincidence that both op. 109 and op. 111 end with weighty variation movements that could not be more different: While op. 109 returns to the initial theme at the end, op. 111 virtually deconstructs this theme...

Formula 1

Beethoven's posterity has much speculated that there must be something extra-musical, beyond the purely aesthetic, behind the immense architecture of these three sonatas. In Jin Ju's performance, this question plays no role at all: the flawlessly clear, expressive and richly colored playing of the multiple award-winning pianist requires no external explanations in order to be immediately moving.


First league

Of course, this new release is also captured in the very best sound quality. The high-resolution Super Audio CD allows for a true three-dimensional reproduction that conjures up the extraordinary instrument in an exceedingly vivid way in the living room at home. A Beethoven cannot be made to sound more sovereign!

MDG 947 2274_JinJu_Beethoven_Vol1_Inlay_E.jpg

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