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MDG 940 2280-6 Christian Zacharias Steinway D “Manfred Bürki“ 1901 piano Johann Sebastian Bach Partita French Suites Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm SACD Super Audio CD

Johann Sebastian Bach


Partita A Minor
French Suite C Minor
French Suite G Major
French Suite B Minor


Christian Zacharias, Steinway D “Manfred Bürki“ 1901


MDG 903 2280-6

Price: 21,99 €




Christian Zacharias plays Bach. The master of subtle and elegant piano playing has chosen three "French Suites". It is astonishing what these supposedly "light" pieces contain: Bach ingeniously combines a strictness of form (due to the underlying dance rhythms) with his sophisticated signature style. At once effortless yet full of depth – in the best of hands with Christian Zacharias.




The suites were composed at the height of his years in Köthen. Writing music for the pricely court  was Bach's daily bread, but at the piano he could let his imagination run wild. Only on first glance is it surprising he uses the tight corset of the suite with its fixed movements. On closer inspection we find a gigue concluding the G Major Suite and a three-part fugue in Partita No. 3.



In contrast to the "English Suites" composed around the same time, in the "French Suites“ Bach discards with a prelude at the beginning. Only the Partita from the first part of the "Piano Exercise" is preceded by a Fantasia composed in the "scholarly style". Contrary to what the title suggests, this is set strictly in the style of a two-part invention - Bach remains true to himself even as a composer of dance suites.




Christian Zacharias makes it all sound so natural, as though it couldn't be any other way. The phrasing is clear and organic, and the tonal brilliance is unparalleled: On this carefully produced Super Audio CD, the powerful-sounding Steinway concert grand "Manfred Bürki" from 1901 with Zacharias at the helm is clearly the best choice for Bach aficionados.


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