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Thomas Augustine Arne



Organ Concertos

Andrzej Szadejko, organ
Goldberg Baroque Ensemble


MDG 902 2317-6


Price: 21,99 €


Available from 10th May


Thomas Arne, prolific creator of operas, oratorios, concertos, sinfonias and sonatas unjustly overshadowed by the works of Georg Friedrich Händel, is most famous for "Rule, Britannia!" outside his native England today. This recording of his virtuosic organ concertos (which surpass Händel’s organ concertos in their artistry), will rectify that. Andrzej Szadejko, accompanied by the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble, delivers a brilliant performance on the authentic Rohde organ from 1761 – the first recording since its reconstruction in 2020.



The Johann Friedrich Rohde organ in St John's Church in Gdansk is ideal for the wonderful elegance and lightness of the music from the second half of the 18th century. The instrument, extensively documented as one of the most modern at the time of its construction, became a model for many others in Europe.


The Second World War saw the Rhode organ’s complete destruction save its façade and so it lay silent for 77 years. Using historical examples and traditional craftsmanship, Guido Schumacher (Eupen, Belgium) and Szymon Januszkiewicz (Pruszcz Gdański, Poland) in close cooperation with Andrzej Szadejko brought this magnificent instrument back to life.



The organ's thirty stops offer an incredibly colourful tonal palette, perfect for the differentiated shaping of the middle dynamic range that is so characteristic of the galant style. The minuets especially showcase the elegance and light-heartedness of classical court dance. The festive Baroque pomp of the majestic organo pleno combined with the rich orchestral sound radiate a vibrant energy throughout the Gothic cathedral, captured in MDG’s original three-dimensional 2+2+2 recording technique.

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