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last updated: 03/04/2015

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Piano works for four hands

Amsterdam Piano Duo
Wyneke Jordans & Leo van Doeselaar

MDG 904 1902-6


Robert Schumann knew his way around the piano like hardly any other composer. During his constant quest for new sound, it must have been a real experience for him and his wife Clara when a pedal - as on an organ - was added to their grand piano. The Amsterdam Piano Duo has set out to relive this revelation on this recording of the Studien für den Pedalflügel on an Erard grand piano from 1837 in a version for piano four hands by Georges Bizet.

Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916)
Chamber Music

Berolina Ensemble
Viller Valbonesi, piano

MDG 948 1889-6


An Echo Klassik for Hofmann, an Opus d'or for von Bausznern, and now for the third time the Berolina Ensemble steps into the spotlight with a spectacular discovery - and once again we are at a loss to explain how it was that such magnificent works could ever be forgotten. The ensemble's newest release is dedicated to Ernst Rudorff. His opulent String Sextet, Romance for Violin and Piano, and a series of enchanting piano pieces offer extensive documentation of the chamber oeuvre of this Berlin composer, who also numbered among the pioneers in the field of conservation.

Josef Matthias Hauer (1883-1959)
Melodies and Preludes

Steffen Schleiermacher, piano

MDG 613 1890-2


Like Arnold Schönberg, Josef Matthias Hauer composed "with twelve tones" - but with a very different result! If dissonance, harmonic tension, and the highest degree of expressivity mark the musical process in Schönberg, then Hauer's music is free of all of the above. Of absolutely airy lightness, of extraordinary song character, and often concluding with euphonious major triads, Hauer's preludes and melodies recorded here for the first time in complete form by Steffen Schleiermacher offer a compendium of this composer's musical philosophy.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
The Organ Toccatas

Christoph Schoener
Organs of St. Michaelis, Hamburg

MDG 949 1893-6


A summit meeting of queens! On this enthralling new production Christoph Schoener plays Johann Sebastian Bach's five toccatas on all four organs in St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg. For the famous Toccata in D minor three instruments team up to do the job! Thanks to MDG's 2+2+2 reproduction method and nighttime quiet, this overwhelming sound event can now be experienced for the first time in the home. On this finely balanced Super Audio CD each instrument is heard in its original place, and the magnificent baroque interior of this Hanseatic principal church is conveyed in superb natural sound.

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Horn Trio op. 40
Clarinet Trio op. 114

Dieter Klöcker, clarinet
Sebastain Weigle, horn
Wolf Dieter Streicher, violin
Christoph Henkel, cello
Claudius Tanski, piano

MDG 301 0595-2


The two Brahms trios recorded here are among the priceless treasures of his chamber music oeuvre, and this rendering by prominent members of the Consortium Classicum (and the unforgotten Dieter Klöcker) is in every day worthy of the originals, in all their emotional depth and compositional-technical geniality.