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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/07/2017

J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Partita No. 2 d-Moll
Ciaccona and its references

Gertrud Schilde, violin

Norddeutscher Kammerchor
Maria Jürgensen
Jan Philipp Schulze, piano

MDG 903 2004-6


Music too has thriller potential. It is with a master sleuth's methods that Gertrud Schilde has probed the enigmatic and monumental Ciaccona from Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita in D minor and uncovered spectacular evidence in the form of a whole series of traditional chorale melodies hidden away in its intricate compositional design. On this eye-opener of an album the enterprising violinist teams up with the Northern German Chamber Choir to present her revealing discoveries.


Georges Bizet (1838-1875)

Selected Piano Works

Johann Blanchard, piano

MDG 904 2018-6


Carmen made Georges Bizet world famous, but he lived only a few months to enjoy the overwhelming success of this opera depicting love and jealousy among hot-blooded Spaniards. A swim in the cold Seine did him in. Today hardly anybody remembers that Bizet also composed piano music. To our good fortune, Johann Blanchard's inventory of his rarities cabinet has yielded more new discoveries that will make the hearts of music lovers beat faster - while the latest SACD technology will have the same effect on those of audiophiles.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

Piano Trio No. 2 E flat major


Audiomax 903 2013-6


One cannot get too much of certain good musical things. One of these things is certainly Franz Schubert's magnificent Piano Trio in E flat major D. 929, which is one reason why this new recording by the Trio Alba is very much welcome. The Notturno D. 897 composed at about the same time as the trio and forming the perfect conclusion to this CD may have been a discarded slow movement from another trio.

Imre Széchényi (1825-1898)


Katharina Ruckgaber, soprano
Jochen Kupfer, tenor
Peter Thalheimer, csakan
Helmut Deutsch, piano

Audiomax 903 2019-6


Imre Széchényi composed throughout his life - even though he really and truly had many other things to do. After diplomatic missions to Rome, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, and St. Petersburg he represented the interests of the Habsburg monarchy as the Austro-Hungarian ambassador in imperial Berlin. Bismarck's famous and notorious Alliance of the Three Emperors bears Széchényi's signature, and he played a significant role at the Berlin Conference on the Congo. His international experience is also reflected in his songs, which on this rewarding new release are now certainly being heard for the first time in very many years.