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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/10/2015

Alban Berg (1885-1935)
Orchestral Works

Bénédicte Tauran, soprano
Rahel Cunz, violin
Musikkollegium Winterthur
Pierre-Alain Monot, conductor

MDG 901 1913-6


John Rea scored a sensational success with his adaptation of Alban Berg's Wozzeck for chamber ensemble, and now this Canadian composer and highly knowledgeable arranger is back. His ensemble version of Berg's Three Orchestral Pieces op. 6 commissioned by the Musikkollegium Winterthur extracts nuanced tonal levels from the magnificent original score in what is an amazing feat of his own! Pierre-Alain Monot and his Winterthur colleagues have recorded these pieces and a version of Berg's famous Violin Concerto reduced to the smallest ensemble dimensions by Andreas Tarkmann for MDG. The concertmaster Rahel Cunz is the solo violinist, and Bénédicte Tauran is a Marie torn between love, grief, and vanity.

Federico Moreno Torroba (1891-1982)
Guitar Works

Frank Bungarten, guitar

MDG 905 1915-6


Even today Andrés Segovia continues to influence our understanding of guitar music like no other musician in his field. This virtuoso's countless compositional commissions contributed significantly to the popularity of the Spanish national instrument and its qualification for the concert hall even beyond his native Iberia. Outside Spain, however, it is a little-known fact that Federico Moreno Torroba so perfectly matched Segovia's tone even in his very first compositional efforts that the master recommended his works as models for other composers. Frank Bungarten has set out to give Torroba the credit he deserves with this fine selection from his extensive oeuvre for solo guitar making us eager to hear more.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Bassoon Consort Frankfurt

MDG 903 1914-6


The Frankfurt Bassoon Consort is formed by eight bassoons and a contrabassoon. Its guiding spirit Henrik Rabien has arranged Bach's Goldberg Variations for this unusual ensemble - a daring feat whose success has been undisputed ever since the acclaimed premiere in May 2013. Rabien's arrangement goes far beyond pure instrumental navel-gazing: the nine instrumentalists produce tonal refinement most excellently harmonizing with Bach's virtuosic play between linear counterpoint and vertical harmony.

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Organ Works

Christoph Schöner
Organs of St. Michaelis ChurchHamburg

MDG 949 1919-6


This time Max Reger is on the programme selected by Christoph Schoener with a surprising link to St. Michael's Church in Hamburg. Along with the early chorale fantasia on "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" and the mighty Introduction, Passacaglia, and Fugue from the last years of Reger's life, his selection from the Thirty Little Chorale Preludes combining absolute simplicity with demanding harmonies shows the grand master of complex and opulent organ music in a completely new and splendid light. Another organ feast from St. Michael's Church in Hamburg!

Joseph Haydn / W. A. Mozart
Oboe Quartets

Gernot Schmalfuß, oboe
Consortium Classicum

MDG 301 0314-2


Franz Joseph Rosinack was an inventive fellow. As the first oboist of the Fürstenberg Orchestra in Donaueschingen, this Bohemian exile arranged the masterpieces of his time for reuse in his brilliant solo appearances. A certain chutzpah on his part is seen in the fact that he even dared to take on Joseph Haydn's string quartets, and the result makes for highly rewarding listening. Gernot Schmalfuß and the Consortium Classicum present two of Rosinack's oboe quartets in fascinating juxtaposition with Mozart's original masterpiece for the same instrumentation on the re-release of a production sold out for many years.