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Katalog anforden

last updated:03/07/2014


Iwan Müller (1786-1854)
Clarinet Concertos No. 3-6
Duo Concertante

Friedrike Roth, clarinet
Johannes Gmeinder, clarinet (Duo)
Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Cottbus
Evan Christ, conductor

MDG 901 1846-6


Friederike Roth, the energetic clarinetist of the Berolina Ensemble of musical explorers, has again made a new discovery. With reinforcements from the Orchestra of the Brandenburg State Theatre in Cottbus, she surprises us with four clarinet concertos by Ivan Müller (Iwan Müller), who was second to none in his contributions to the development of the clarinet during the early years of the nineteenth century. His clarinette omnitonique first enabling chromatic playing on more than four octaves was greeted with enthusiasm by contemporary virtuosos in Europe's music capitals. To highlight the advantages of his invention, he wrote a number of solo concertos and in this way demonstrated not only his forward-looking spirit of invention but also a fine intuition for highly effective music of the highest quality and with a popular flair.

Andreas Romberg (1767-1821)
Flute Quintets op. 21,1; 41, 1 & 3

Karl Kaiser, flute
Ardinghello Ensemble

MDG 603 1843-2


The music of Beethoven and his unfairly neglected contemporaries forms an important focus in the explorations of the faraway sound of the romantic era by the five instrumentalists of the Ardinghello Ensemble. Led by the flutist and committed quester Karl Kaiser, the ensemble is now presenting the recording premiere of Andreas Romberg's flute quintets - most highly individual compositions full of surprises on the threshold of romanticism.

Joachim Brügee (*1958)

Music for Strings

Salzburg Chamber Soloists
Lavard Skou-Larsen, conductor

MDG 924 1856-6


Joachim Brügge's love for the string orchestra lies deep in his heart. Famous models such as Antonín Dvo?ák, Edvard Grieg, and Peter Tchaikovsky have influenced his compositions for strings, but Brügge's special affinity is for American masters - and first and foremost for Samuel Barber. Barber's Adagio became an international hit, and here the Salzburg Chamber Soloists led by the marvelous violinist Lavard Skou-Larsen show that Brügge's music operates on the same high level. On this MDG 2+2+2 recording the ensemble offers vibrant renderings of these small-format pieces.

Carl Maria von Weber (1768-1826)

Der Freischütz

(arr. Wind Ensemble)

Consortium Classicum
Dieter Klöcker

MDG 301 0267-2


The Consortium Classicum is number one when it comes to contributions to the cause of wind ensemble music, and on this new release of Weber's popular opera Der Freischütz the ensemble's top wind instrumentalists led by the musical sleuth Dieter Klöcker once again show that they have what it takes when the flawless realization of out-of-the-ordinary repertoire ideas is at stake. Klöcker discovered the version for wind ensemble in the Altbrünn Augustinian Abbey Library and with it proof that the pious monks allowed themselves an occasional glance at magical fairy-tale material.

Joseph Marx (1882-1964)
Piano Trio "Trio-Phantasie"
Ballade for piano quartet

Wen Xiao Zheng, viola

Audiomax 703 1844-2


Joseph Marx, now who's that? One of the leading Austrian composers of the twentieth century! Fifty years after his death his name is practically unknown in the concert world, which means that this new CD by the Trio Alba comes at just the right time. The performance of the broadly dimensioned Trio Fantasy and the Ballad for Piano Quartet by these young musicians dazzlingly rehabilitates this independent-minded composer who absolutely insisted on adhering to tonality but nevertheless - or perhaps precisely for this reason - developed his own unique tonal idiom.