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last updated: 03/03/2015

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
La Stravaganza

Franceso Cerrato, solo violin and leading

MDG 901 1885-6


Fresh breezes from Italy! The ARMONIOSA baroque ensemble celebrates its dazzling MDG debut with the twelve violin concertos from Antonio Vivaldi's La Stravaganza op. 4. The thirteen musicians savor the great Venetian master's highly imaginative extravagancies with exuberant performance joy - so that it is hard to believe that this precision team first came together in 2012! Francesco Cerrato, a genuine violin ace, presents the solo part - no easy task, but the young Piedmontese virtuoso rises to the challenge with bravura and grandeur.

Joseph Haydn / Vincent Gambaro
Clarinet Quartets

Dieter Klöcker, clarinet
Consortium Classicum

MDG 301 0315-2


The virtuosic ease of Dieter Klöcker's clarinet playing is legendary. The imaginativeness and seeming effortlessness with which this tireless researcher mastered even the most difficult passages remain unforgettable. The thrilling arrangements based on Haydn's string quartets penned by Vincent Gambaro a good two hundred years ago seem to have been made with him in mind. These works mostly featuring the clarinet in a solo role and meeting the highest structural standards take on a concertante character that even after a quarter of a century has lost nothing of its freshness and verve.

Lyrical Music for Trombone

Michael Massong, trombone
Tomoko Sawano, piano

Premysl Vojta, horn

MDG 603 1887-2


Sing-Übung is the name given by Michael Massong to his debut recital on MDG, and the title contains a program: lyrical pieces, in large part especially arranged for this CD, display a vocal quality of trombone playing that is without its equal. The selection of works also holds some surprises in store: Rachmaninov's famous "Vocalise," the fine emotion of Carl Maria von Weber's "Romanze," and Franz Liszt's "Romance oubliée," in which Michael Massong teases previously unheard-of vocal expressive depth out of his instrument.


Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713-1780)
Clavier-Übung III

Jan von Busch
Johann Georg Stein-Organ, Warlitz

Audiomax 706 1888-2


The Stein organ in Warlitz represents a particularly attractive performance option. Although this one-manual instrument is located in Mecklenburg, it is certainly the best-preserved example of Thuringian organ building artistry and is a perfect match for the presentation of "clavier" music possibly intended more for the harpsichord at the time of its composition. Krebs and the organ builder Johann Georg Stein were of the same age, and both grew up in Thuringia - only a few kilometers apart from each other! The fact that the organ has remained practically unchanged over the centuries verges on a miracle. Only the front pipes melted during World War I had to be reconstructed during the restoration in 2004.