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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/09/2016



Polish Chamber Orchestra
Jerzy Maksymiuk, conductor

MDG 321 0181-2


Sometimes mere chance makes for the happiest musical experiences. More than thirty years ago the MDG team traveled to Warsaw to record chamber compositions by Béla Bartók and Benjamin Britten with the Polish Chamber Orchestra. Soon after this release the public and music critics acclaimed this recording as the absolute benchmark for the Divertimento and the "Bridge Variations." Since this project was concluded sooner than planned, a spontaneous decision was made to use the remaining time to produce encore pieces from the orchestra's repertoire. Now being released for the first time on CD, Encores offers genuine listening pleasure and interpretations of lasting freshness.

Insane Harmony
English Music 1650-1700

Purcell, Lawes, Tomkins, Locke, Williams

Musica Alta Ripa

MDG 309 1961-2


Great Britain's island status has often been evoked to explain many a peculiarity of its residents. What later became proverbial as "splendid isolation" in the diplomatic arena has deep cultural roots. The members of Musica Alta Ripa, specialists for the special in early music, have explored the period between 1650 and 1700 and discovered plenty of individual gems. Insane Harmony now reveals this treasure trove to the rest of the world!


Works for Violoncello and Piano

Guido Schiefen, Violoncello
Markus Kreul, Piano

MDG 903 1971-6


Schumannia - a better title could hardly have been selected for this SACD! Here Guido Schiefen and Markus Kreul present Robert Schumann's works for violoncello and piano. The fact that the composer originally intended only his "Stücke im Volkston" for these instruments is hardly detrimental to this enterprise - but just the opposite! Schiefen's highly imaginative, multifaceted, and virtuosic cello playing with excellent bowing enables the listener to experience Schumann's chamber music in a very special way and enhances these wonderful songs-without-words with superb new magic.

Czech Music of the 20th century

Janácek, Martinu, Kalabis

Suk Chamber Orchestra Prague
Josef Vlach, conductor

MDG 601 0317-2


On this outstanding rerelease the Suk Chamber Orchestra of Prague presents three generations of music of Czech origin from the twentieth century. The program features Janá?ek, Martin?, and Kalabis. Moreover, this digital recording from 1988 represents one of the last productions conducted by Josef Vlach, the ensemble's artistic director for many years, shortly prior to his death. An audio legacy - a very special one - in several respects!

Sergej Tanejew

Complete String Trios

Belcanto Strings

MDG 634 1003-2


It would be hard to find a more resounding name: Sergej Ivanovich Tanejew - and his late-Romantic music is as resonant as it is unknown. MDG presents a re-release of all the string trios by the Russian master composer - played by the enterprising members of the Belcanto Strings.

The Audiophile Sound of MDG

SACD mit 28 mehrkanaligen Klangbeispiele

MDG 906 1800-6


Audiophile excellence for more than three decades: when it comes to perfect listening pleasure, then MDG is always the music world's first choice. At the turn of the millennium MDG introduced the third dimension into musical playback - on the first series-produced DVD-Audio worldwide in 2000. Again and again the Detmold sound experimenters have refined their revolutionary 2+2+2® principle.