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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/02/2018


Musica Baltica 5

Johann Goldberg (1727-1756)
Complete Harpsichord Concertos

Goldberg Baroque Ensemble
Alina Ratkowska, harpsichord & conductor

MDG 901 2061-6


Johann Sebastian Bach regarded the young Johann Gottlieb Goldberg as his most talented pupil. Not much more is known about the Gdansk native Goldberg besides the fact that he was the dedicatee of the famous variations bearing his name. He died of tuberculosis at the very early age of twenty-nine but left behind a compact oeuvre giving us an idea of what might have come next. Alina Ratkowska teams up with the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble from the composer's native Danzig/Gdansk on this recording of his two extant harpsichord concertos - which with their elegance, sensibility, and expression very much move beyond his teacher's contrapuntal style.

Georges Onslow (1784-1853)

Wind Quintet op. 81 F major
Sextet op. 30 E flat major

Ma'alot Quintet

MDG 903 2012-6



Already during his lifetime George Onslow was known as the "French Beethoven." This extraordinary distinction earned above all for his manifold chamber music does not do complete justice to his special rank. On this SACD Markus Becker teams up with the Ma'alot Quintet for a closer look at Onslow's virtuoso side. Functioning as virtuoso concertos for the salon, both the Wind Quintet op. 81 and the Sextet op. 30 fully satisfied the discriminating taste of Parisian high society.

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

Variations for organ

Christoph Schoener
Organs in St. Michaelis, Hamburg

MDG 949 2051-6



Johannes Brahms was baptized in St. Michael's Church in Hamburg in 1833, and on this recording he returns to this site. Christoph Schoener, the organist and church music director at St. Michael's, honors his famous fellow Hamburg citizen with a special tribute. Three variation works by this Hansa town's musical great are heard in transpositions for the organ on this program, and on the mighty three-in-one St. Michael's Church organ the result is a dimension-blasting room effect.

Antonio Rosetti (c.1750-1792)

Symphonies & Concertos Vol. 1 & 2

Hamburger Symphoniker
Johannes Moesus, conductor

MDG 601 2056-2


"Antonio Rosetti is one of the most popular composers of our times." Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart wrote these words in his Ideen zu einer Ästhetik der Tonkunst, and it is high time for us to recognize this fact today. In this special edition MDG is presenting two recordings of orchestral works by the Bohemian master featuring the Rosetti specialist Johannes Moesus in performances with the Hamburg Symphony and renowned soloists. Even when they were first released, these recordings set standards.