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last updated: 03/04/2014

John Field (1782-1837)
Complete Nocturnes Vol. 2

Stefan Irmer, piano

MDG 618 1849-2


Simple melodies appealingly and tenderly hover over richly figured harmonies and seem to drift out into infinity. No, they aren't by Chopin. John Field is the author of these magical nocturnes, and one generation before the much more famous Pole he combined strongly expressive romanticism with an extraordinary keyboard intuition. Stefan Irmer is now dedicating an edition to the complete nocturnes of John Field, and their special personal touch makes the first volume of this new series an enthralling experience.

Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904)
String Quintet op. 77
String Quartet op.96

Leipziger Streichquartett
Alois Posch, deouble bass

MDG 907 1847-6


Antonín Dvorák's American String Quartet is a prime contender for a top slot on the all-time hit list of classical masterpieces - and rightly so, as this new recording by the Leipzig String Quartet demonstrates. Here it is heard along with the same composer's magnificent String Quintet, and the outstanding bassist Alois Posch joins forces with the Leipzig musicians on what promises to be a favorite album for all chamber music fans. And such a program calls for the finest SACD sound, of course in 3D!

Wolfgang Rihm (*1952)

Holger Falk, baritone
Steffen Schleiermacher, piano

MDG 613 1848-2


Wolfgang Rihm is number one among contemporary composers when it comes to creative reflection on the fascination inspired by the human voice. His oeuvre ranging from the intimate song to the opulent opera places enormous demands on the interpreters but never loses sight of the vocal element. Holger Falk has performed principal roles in several operas by Rihm and has repeatedly worked closely with this composer, while Steffen Schleiermacher numbers among the most distinguished pianists in the field of modern classical music.

Stellwagen-Orgel zu St. Marien, Stralsund

Die Norddeutsche Orgelkunst Vol. 4

Martin Rost, organ

MDG 320 1851-2


Martin Rost's tour of the illustrious centers of Northern German organ music now takes us to the baroque splendor of Lüneburg. Even though the glory of this proud city not far from Hamburg was beginning to fade, the renown of its musicians continued to extend to faraway Thuringia when Johann Sebastian Bach - then not quite fifteen years old - set out to complete his musical studies there. Martin Rost's selection of compositions recorded on his Stellwagen organ demonstrates that a trip to Lüneburg can be rewarding even today.

Concertos for clarinet and bassoon
J. F. Schubert
Peter von Winter

Dieter Klöcker, clarinet
Karl-Otto Hartmann, bassoon
Suk Kammerorchester Prag
Petr Skvor, conductor

MDG 301 0366-2


For many decades Dieter Klöcker and Karl-Otto Hartmann left their mark on wind music with the Consortium Classicum. It is thus easy to forget that these two musicians also enjoyed great success as soloists. MDG is now rereleasing a rarity that has been out of stock for many years. Along with the agile Suk Chamber Orchestra of Prague, Klöcker and Hartmann perform double concertos for clarinet and bassoon (an instrumental matchup just as appealing as it is uncommon) and present them in their finest light - the one with his go-getting clarinet playing and the other with his profound, yet nimble and flexible bassoon playing.