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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/06/2015

Japanese Guitar Concertos
Takemitsu, Hosokawa, Hayashi

Masao Tanibe, guitar
Erzgebirgische Philharmonie Aue
Naoshi Takahashi, conductor

MDG 901 1901-6


What enchanting sounds! Stopped horns with clarinets, string trills in pianissimo unison with muted brass instruments, then the vibraphone, the celesta, and two harps. For Masao Tanibe this production fulfills a heart's desire. The cosmopolitan guitar virtuoso studied in Europe but has remained true to his cultural roots. The blending of Japanese composition and European orchestral tradition scores an exhilarating success with the Erzgebirge Philharmonic of Aue under its principal conductor Naoshi Takahashi, and the finely attuned SACD ideally enhances this symbiosis in 2+2+2 sound. A discovery!

Russian Album for Violin and Piano
Prokofjew, Schnittke, Shchedrin, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky

Kirill, Troussov, violin
Alexandra Troussov, piano

MDG 603 1903-2


Kirill Troussov currently numbers among the most sought-after violinists worldwide, and why this is so is shown on this new album recorded with his sister Alexandra Troussova and marking his MDG debut. Here we encounter perfect technique (of course), rarely heard elegance of execution, and an unrivaled tone-color palette. The intelligent artist ventures far beyond the standard violin repertoire and welcomes the challenges posed by little-known works.

Nicolaus Bruhns (1665-1697)
Complete Organ Works

Ingo Duwensee, Organ

MDG 906 1878-6


Nicolaus Bruhns must have been a genuine multitalent! While performing as a violin virtuoso, he occasionally accompanied himself on the organ pedal and - according to some reports - sang at the same time! He indeed would have been capable of such a feat; his few surviving organ works, which Ingo Duwensee has now recorded on the historic organ in Altenbruch, display an original spirit with a predilection for bizarre surprises. Others too valued the extraordinary quality of his compositions: none other than Johann Sebastian Bach acquired a copy of the great Prelude in E minor - an outstanding example of the stylus phantasticus.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Six Brandenburg Concertos BWV 1046-1051

Camerata des 18. Jahrhunderts
Konrad Hünteler

MDG 311 0746-2


The Camerata of the 18th Century and its spiritus rector Konrad Hünteler are committed to the recovery of original sound from the forgotten and not-so-forgotten musical past. This long-awaited re-release features a masterpiece and one certainly well worth all the painstaking research that went into it: Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.

Johannes Brahms

Max Reger

Friedrich Wilhelm Schnurr, piano

MDG 604 0172-2


A multigenerational project of a special kind: Friedrich Wilhelm Schnurr goes back far enough to have studied with the piano legends Alfred Cortot and Wilhelm Kempff. As a dedicated teacher of world rank, he himself has continued to leave his mark on generations of pianists through to the present. Many of his outstanding pupils have gone on to occupy prestigious professorships throughout the world. MDG is now rereleasing a recording from the 1980s showing us Schnurr as an energetic, gripping interpreter. Variations on themes by Handel and Bach form his musical topic: Johannes Brahms and Max Reger also knew what sort of predecessors they had!