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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/09/2017

Franz Liszt
Sonata B minor

Robert Schumann
Kinderszenen op. 15

Joseph-Maurice Weder, piano

MDG 904 2042-6


A debut could not contain two greater contrasts: Liszt's inscrutable Sonata in B minor and Schumann's enchanting Kinderszenen in performances by the young Swiss pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder. A bold program - since recordings of these two works are not in short supply. Weder nonetheless repeatedly discovers new things in these frequently performed works - with important support from the legendary "Manfred Bürki" Steinway concert grand piano of 1901, an instrument with a brilliant treble shining its supernatural light over the profound bass.

Chorale Masses & Sacred Concertos

Schein, Bernhard, Zachow, Fischer

Rheinische Kantorei
Hermann Max

MDG 602 0169-2


Five hundred years ago the Reformation occasioned an upsurge in the production of church music, and even today Luther's powerful sacred hymns continue to be mainstays in Lutheran religious services. However, Luther's fruitful juxtaposition of "transmitted" and "modern" music shows that he was also fond of drawing on songs from the "old church." The Lutheran chorale masses recorded by Hermann Max with his Rheinische Kantorei on vinyl more than thirty years ago represent a special form within these parallel - or shared - relational worlds. Even then the MDG sound engineers used the latest digital technology for the recording - which means that this welcome new edition could be transferred to CD without a hitch.

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)

Chamber Music


MDG 603 0438-2


Luigi Boccherini's contemporaries ranked him with Joseph Haydn, but during later times the high esteem enjoyed by his music faded - when everything of Italian origin that was not an opera was generally dismissed. The young musicians of Scala köln believe that it is high time to reopen Boccherini's case and are now presenting the results of their new investigation: a delightful program demonstrating that Boccherini's treasure trove holds more in store than just his famous Minuet.

Felix Draeseke (1835-1913)

Orchestral Works Vol. 1 & 2

Claudius Tanski, piano
Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra
George Hanson, conductor

MDG 335 2038-2


Felix Draeseke's works immediately reveal that he was a glowing admirer of Liszt and Wagner and a remarkably gifted creator of expressive harmonic designs and far-ranging melodic lines. Here Draeseke accomplished the feat of combining these powerful expressive means with classical forms. MDG is now rereleasing Draeseke's Sinfonia Tragica, Piano Concerto, and Symphony No. 1 in a special edition featuring performances by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra in the historic Wuppertal Hall. The first release marked a discographic milestone.

August Gottfried Ritter (1811-1885)

Complete Organ Sonatas

Ursula Philippi
Sauer-Organ Sibiu/Transylvania

MDG 320 0866-2


The present CD is a rare find on three counts: it is a complete recording of August Gottfried Ritter's four organ sonatas, they are performed by Ursula Philippi, the leading German-Rumanian artist of our time, and she presents them on her home organ, the monumental romantic Sauer organ in Hermannstadt / Sibiu, Transylvania.