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Catalogue - Download

last updated: 04/09/2015

John Field (1782-1837)
Complete Nocturnes Vol. 2

Stefan Irmer, piani

MDG 618 1850-2


Isn't that Chopin? No, it isn't: a whole generation before Chopin, John Field invented the nocturne as the quintessence of musical poetry in which vast dream landscapes spread out in the listener's imagination. The gifted pianist Field may be said to have reinvented his compositions during every performance and was perfectly justified in doing so: depending on the ambiance, audience, and mood of the moment, numerous versions of the same piece were produced, and Stefan Irmer's interpretation of these gems enables us to experience them in an especially personal way.

Sarasate -
Opera Paraphrases Vol. 2

Volker Reinhold, violin
Ralph Zedler, piano

MDG 903 1909-6


No doubt about it: Pablo de Sarasate was a virtuoso par excellence who had audiences at Parisian salons lying at his feet. In their well-thought-out debut, however, Volker Reinhold and Ralph Zedler never aimed at mere virtuosity but above all brought to light the musical substance in a partnership's performance "at eye level." The much more rarely heard arrangements now being released on Vol. 2 complete their survey of the stupendous Spanish violinist's work. Once again the two soloists surprise the listener with an absolutely boundless wealth of imagination brimming with catchy melodies from operas that were popular during Sarasate's times but today have fallen into complete oblivion.

Trumpet - Trombone - Piano
Trios from Reinecke, Herzogenberg and Bowen

Andre Schoch, trumpet
Michael Massong, trombone
Frieddrich Höricke, piano

MDG 603 1912-2


The instrumental combination with which this trio inspires its audiences is absolutely unusual: the trumpet, trombone, and piano join forces to form a chamber ensemble of a special kind bringing together three top-class artists in Andre Schoch, Michael Massong, and Friedrich Höricke. Two romantic trios by Carl Reinecke and Heinrich von Herzogenberg are on the program, and along with them a genuine discovery: a ballade by Edwin York Bowen supplying uniquely new color with its harmonies between blues and impressionism.

Fluxus Piano

Steffen Schleiermacher, piano

MDG 613 1911-2


"The piano is a taboo. It must be destroyed." Nam June Paik issued this demand during the early 1960s. Such violent treatment of the instrument representing middle-class music culture like no other is indeed rooted very deeply in collective memory; this is what the mild-mannered music lover first recalls with great concern when the term "Fluxus" is heard. However, as Steffen Schleiermacher shows with a couple of friends on his latest CD, there is much more to Fluxus. With great seriousness the Fluxists seek and find highly individual forms of expression, even on the piano. Along with reminiscences of Dada, miniatures are produced surprising us even fifty years later with their unconventional view of music and sound.

Dutch Cello SonatasVol. 7
Batta, Hollman, Bonhomme, Wesly

Doris Hochscheid, violoncello
Frans van Ruth, piano

Audiomax 903 1910-6


After six extremely successful albums featuring Dutch sonatas for violoncello and piano, Doris Hochscheid and Frans van Ruth make their way to Paris, where they are surprised to discover a great many fellow Dutch musicians who made significant contributions to the music scene in the Seine metropolis. Four of them are found on the dynamic duo's latest Super Audio CD, and all of them grew up in Maastricht and later were active in Paris under very different circumstances.